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Terms & Conditions

WebExpressPortal Terms
Last revised: 02-05-2018
(WebExpressPortal) provide(s) the, and websites (the "Site") through which users can manage their domain(s), email and/or website accounts that are in active status with WebExpressPortal. Visitors may browse the product line available on the public "Site" pages where they may find sign-up information and forms to facilitate their product needs.
WebExpressPortal provides a wide range of business web-based services, including managed web site hosting, domain registration, programming, managed dedicated servers, web design, web development, SEO, consulting services, and various other high-end services. Upon signing up and/or registering with any of the WebExpressPortal product services, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware what the product or service is, what you will receive upon account activation, what charges will occur, and any product limitations that may apply.
Should this agreement not address any of your concerns and or questions please contact WebExpressPortal at: 386-752-1120 or email:
You may view, print and use the "Site" pages to register for a WebExpressPortal product for your own personal or business use, subject to the restrictions below.
You must not:
(a) re-sell, rent, sell, transfer. sub-license, publish, re-distribute, and re-publish any materials in connection with WebExpressPortal "Site"
(b) copy, reproduce, and duplicate any materials in connection with the WebExpressPortal "Site"
(c) modify, remove, merge, delete, change, and edit any materials in connection with the WebExpressPortal "Site"
(d) conduct any activity deemed illegal
(e) Reverse engineer, disassemble, de-compile, or otherwise obtain any underlying source code or structure or sequence any materials in connection with the WebExpressPortal "Site"
Contract Terms
This contract provides both client (the person or business requesting services) and WebExpressPortal, with a formal, binding agreement with respect to design, development, managed services, site editor, hosting and maintenance.
This agreement must be read and agreed to in it's entirety. All fees must be paid prior to any services rendered.
Site Editor:
The WebExpressPortal Site Editor is available to all paying customers whom purchased a plan holding the WebExpressPortal Site Editor.
The following link shows the Site Editor features available and unavailable based on if you are hosting with WebExpressPortal:
For those that are "NOT" hosting with WebExpressPortal; It will be the customer's responsibility to properly download zip files provided by the Site Editor and in turn upload and manage site files within his/her hosted environment. WebExpressPortal will provide instructions on how to accomplish the uploading of the site files generated by the Site Editor. However, these instructions may or may not match your hosting environment. Should a customer have any issues with setting up their site within their hosting environment they may contact WebExpressPortal to set-up the environment at an hourly rate of $50 an hour. The hosting environment must be capable of rendering PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX, and image files. All fees must be paid prior to any services rendered.
Professional Website & NO Hosting:
If customer is enlisting WebExpressPortal for a professional custom website without WebExpressPortal hosting services, then discounted and free services do not apply under this arrangement. Customer will be charged a hourly rate for the design and development of the custom website which will be calculated and paid prior to the first day of the project build. Any changes to the initial project request may incur additional fees. If applicable and where the customer would like to maintain their website after the build is complete, the Site Editor will be available for a monthly fee. It will be the customers responsibility to download and upload the site files generated by the Site Editor. Instructions will be given, as well as the ability to request that WebExpressPortal perform the task of setting up the site files on the customers hosted environment. Please refer to 'Site Editor' above for further details.
Professional Website & Hosting:
If client is enlisting WebExpressPortal for a custom website project of designing, development and hosting within the WebExpressPortal managed hosting server environment.  Client will have a 30-day grace period before Hosting fees begin. Client agrees to authorize WebExpressPortal further development past the 30-day grace period should more time be required.  Client must agree to this agreement in its entirety.  All fees must be paid prior to any services rendered.  Should you wish to cancel your hosting service, site files will be available to you in a zip format. Any features, stored data or functions provided to hosted customers that are not available to non-hosting customers will not be available within the zip file provided to you by WebExpressPortal. If applicable, database data that is collected from your site visitors will be provided to you within the zip file. Please refer to 'Site Editor' above for further details.
Professional Website design:
WebExpressPortal will custom design a website by creating images and source code necessary for a site which looks professional, loads quickly, interactive, mobile friendly, navigates easily and renders gracefully in any currently available modern web browser.  Depending on your design specifications, the website might contain technologies which allow for a shopping cart and/or advanced coding that may contain advanced back-end coding for administration and site functionality purposes.
Client must provide in detail the design he/she wishes to have created for the website.  Client may opt to have WebExpressPortal have full creative control over the design of the website.
Client must submit content and/or materials required to fill the pages of the website prior to the first build. Content or materials provided by the client may be delivered during the build phase if it has been agreed to prior to project the start.
Client will be charged extra for any additional pages and/or development not agreed upon before the project start.  Should there be any fees due all design and development will stop until payment has been made in full.
WebExpressPortal is not responsible for creating content holding spelling and grammar errors. It is your responsibility to forward any content you wish to appear within each of the pages WebExpressPortal creates within the scope of the project.
Client must have permission to use all images or any item given to WebExpressPortal to fill the pages of the website.
If client is not satisfied with the first design build, a second design build will be allowed.  A design build will be understood as the images created for the website including HTML, CSS and if applicable Jquery/Javascript used for the design layout and responsiveness of the website. Client must request the second design build within fourteen days of the first preview.  Should a completed build be delivered to the client or the site goes live, a second design build will not be available for free.
If any changes, outside of the second design build are required there will be an additional hourly charge until client is satisfied.
If hosting with WebExpressPortal, hosting fees will hold a 30-day grace period before monthly hosting begins. The professional website development will require an agreed upon payment in full prior to the start of the project.
Client must maintain communication with WebExpressPortal at all times.  Should client fail in communication as to not allow WebExpressPortal to complete the site build in a timely fashion the prepaid design and development will be complete and further design and development will incur an hourly rate until completed.  It is thereby agreed that 30 days are untimely. Should you require more than 30 days to fulfill the requirements needed by WebExpressPortal to complete the site build, you must contact WebExpressPortal immediately so we can work out an agreed upon time period that is needed to complete this project.
Submitted Content:
Client will make every effort in submitting content and materials required to fill the pages of the website.  All materials must be submitted prior to first build.  WebExpressPortal has the right to refuse any item to be added to the site at any time if WebExpressPortal finds the content to be offensive, defamatory, unlawful or harmful.  WebExpressPortal will not be held responsible for content holding errors.  Client unconditionally guarantees that all elements of the submitted content and materials has a license or permission from the rightful owner to use each of these elements.  Client will hold harmless, protect, and defend WebExpressPortal from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements submitted for inclusion within the website.
Client may cancel at anytime. Refunds will equal the amount paid to WebExpressPortal minus (hours used, set-up fees, any fees paid by WebExpressPortal and if applicable hosting fees).
Rights, Copyright and ownership:
Submitted content provided by client are owned by their respected owners.
All designs, graphical elements, photos, source code, media, work-up files created by WebExpressPortal are owned by WebExpressPortal and copyright is not transferred to client unless the regular hourly price has been paid.  WebExpressPortal will retain full copyright unless specifically released by WebExpressPortal.
Clients whom are paying full price for their custom websites are granted full copyright release of all items created by WebExpressPortal within the scope of the custom build.
WebExpressPortal reserves the right to place its copyright and link on the bottom of all web pages within hosted pages which hold its copyrighted design.
WebExpressPortal may utilize third party scripts and stock art in the development of the website.  Neither WebExpressPortal nor client holds copyright ownership to these third party works.  WebExpressPortal may hold a license to these works which may not be transferable during the copyright release phase.  WebExpressPortal will establish means to establish licensing and/or rights to these third party works when deemed necessary and under the sole discretion of WebExpressPortal.
Fees & Hourly Rates:
Hosting customers who wish professional websites or updates will be charged at a $28 an hour rate.
All other services are set at $40 an hour.
Releasing of Website files:
Should WebExpressPortal send you a zip file holding your website files and data, the following will be released:
Previous or Current Site Editor Users:
(1.) Files and data which will not be released is any file or data that has been initiated or managed via the Site Editor for your website which isn't available to non-hosted customers. Please refer to 'Site Editor' above for further details.
(2.) With the exception of (1.) above, all your website files and if applicable any data held within a database pertaining to your website. Database data will be in CSV format.
Non-Site Editor Clients:
If you requested Web Development and/or Web Design only. Where you did not use our Site Editor. Then upon project completion and where all monies have been paid in full, all site files including database files will be zipped and delivered.
Once a project has been completed and/or an account has been closed, all project files and site files will be deleted after 60 days. Please be sure to contact WebExpressPortal immediately should you wish a zip file of your site's assets.
This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida.
By purchasing WebExpressPortal services you are stating and acknowledging that you have read this agreement in its entirety and that you understand the terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them without exception.  Any changes or modifications thereto must be in writing and signed by both parties.  WebExpressPortal reserves the sole right to modify this agreement at any time without notice.  By continuing to subscribe to WebExpressPortal services you are stating and acknowledging that you will be current with any changes to this agreement and that you will understand such terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them without exception.
WebExpressPortal reserves the right to amend and change these terms and conditions at any point without prior notice.
If you are dissatisfied with WebExpressPortal service or any of its terms, conditions, rules, policies, guidelines, or practices, your only and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the service.
Personal Note:
This is the WebExpressPortal contract for design, development, managed hosting and services.  It holds legal criteria that may appear harsh.  I assure you that in order to maintain a safe-guard for all WebExpressPortal custom works, WebExpressPortal has only good intentions towards all clients.  It is the sincere desire of WebExpressPortal to facilitate a maximum efficiency of services and a mutual respect of the services WebExpressPortal provides.
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