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Custom Website Options

All Plans
All Plans get the WebExpressPortal Site Editor.
*** If not hosting with WebExpressPortal is selected, check below for 'Non-applicable features for Non-Hosting customers'.
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Choosing your plan
There are two plan choices.
The first is a professionally built website which will require further information from you so we may go over all the specifications of the website you are wishing to become a reality. Once you select the "Let's Go" button you will have the opportunity to setup your account details. No hosting fees will be rendered for 30 days from the date of sign-up. You will be required to call (386) 752-1120 or wait for us to call you in order to gather the complete details of the site you wish to have built. Once you are given a price for the site build, you will be required to make the payment in full so the build process can begin. Any changes will change the initial price agreed upon and will require this additional fee to be paid immediately. Any delay in payment, outside of the 30 day hosting fee grace period, will stop the build phase until the full price of the build has been rendered. You may cancel at anytime. Should you wish to cancel, if a payment has been made to WebExpressPortal, WebExpressPortal will prorate the amount paid by the time used for the site build, including any additional fees. If applicable, additional fees include stock art, license fees, taxes or any charge pertaining to the assets required to build your site.
The second is for those that have some technical skills and wish to build their own website via the WebExpressPortal Site Editor. The hosting fee will be charged during sign-up. Once signed up you will be automatically logged into the Web Portal. You will be presented with a blank canvas where you will have the ability to add your site menu, logo and pages. Many additional site building tools are available.
Depending on your web hosting choice, some features may not be available. Please read 'Non-applicable features for Do-it-yourself website builds' below.
Both choices include feature add-ons. Also included is a website backup feature so you have a backup of the site to return to should you wish to remove any changes that you have made.
Non-applicable features for Do-it-yourself website builds:
View: Available features
There are two hosting choices.
Hosting with WebExpressPortal, your website will not be throttled and your website will have access to the Gigabyte throughput pipe. Which basically means a faster loading website! If your hosting domain is registered through our services, your hosting domain will receive a free SSL certificate which lasts as long as the site is hosted. All Site Editor features will be available. Professional services are discounted as well.
Not hosting with WebExpressPortal, the WebExpressPortal Site Editor will be available for you to create your website. As well as edit your site at any time as long as your monthly service is active. However, you will be required to download your zipped site files, unzip and then upload these files to your hosting environment. Please read 'Non-applicable features for Non-Hosting customers' below.
Non-applicable features for Non-Hosting customers:
View: Available features
Domain Registration & SSL Certificates
If registering a domain through our services, your domain will be registered using Google Domains. We add a extra .98 cent fee to the price of the domain to cover the DNS management services we offer.
If you will be hosting with WebExpressPortal and your domain is managed by us, you will recieve a free ssl certificate from Let's Encrypt which we setup and manage. Should you have more than one domain, we also support multi-domain SSL certificates up to 100 domains.
Monthly Service Fee
Your account will be charged the following:
$52 monthly if hosting with WebExpressPortal
$40 monthly if hosting elsewhere.
Cancel at anytime.
Payment Methods:
Site Editor Features
WebExpressPortal’s Site Editor offers many features. From managing your professionally custom built site to building your very own using all available Site Editor tools.
Professional Built Custom Site
Affordable custom site design & development. Though you are always welcome to use the editor to build your own site, WebExpressPortal offers discounted rates for all custom site designs, small or large, along with any requicoding. Specializing in custom built environments.
Build Your Own Site from scratch anytime
Start building your own site at anytime using the available Site Editor Tools. Once done, download or set it live if hosting with WebExpressPortal.
Site Editor Features
Unlimited Pages
Create and manage unlimited site pages.
Change Site & Page colors, backgrounds images and menus.
Update the colors and/or background images used within your menus or pages.
Create Standalone banners or banner slider displays
Add a banner or banner sliders to your site pages.
Site Font Management
Change and apply font used for site.
Site Icon
Apply a icon which is used for bookmarks and is also displayed within the browsers tab or url box.
Site Logo
Change or apply the site logo used in the menu area.
Add Audio
Audio clips may be applied to your sight. Either as a clip that plays on a page entry or within a gallery of clips.
Apply breadcrumbs to your site pages so that users and search engines have an exact presentation to the path to the given page.
Add FaceBook like buttons to your pages.
Google Adsense
Add Google AdSense to your site pages.
Add Image Gallery
Create a image gallery to showcase imagery.
Image Optimizer
Optimize all site images in one go!
Add Google Map
Add a Google map to your site.
Add Social Networking icons
Add a Social Network bar holding your chosen Social Networks.
Add Twitter Timeline
Add twitter posts in timeline view.
Add Videos
Add youtube or vimeo videos to your pages. Gallery or standalone.
Site Editor Additional Features (Requires WebExpressPortal Managed Hosting)
Domain Registration
Register as many domains as you wish. Manage your domains within the Site Editor. *** Managed Hosting Only
Business or Standard email accounts
Business email accounts hold 10GB of data. *** Managed Hosting Only
Live Site Editor:
Allows you to make changes to your site pages directly while viewing these changes from a live site perspective.
Site Backup
Create a backup of all settings and HTML of your site.
Anaylyse Keyword & content usage for proper Search Engine Optimization
Add Blog
Create a site blog. *** Managed Hosting Only
Add a calendar to your site with optional event additions. *** Managed Hosting Only
This feature allows you to add a private chat box which will allow you to communicate with your users. *** Managed Hosting Only
Add a comment box to anyone of your pages. *** Managed Hosting Only
Date & Time
Add Date and/or Time displays to your pages.
Feature Section
Add a Feature Section to your pages. Where you provide the featuitems and/or pages to display. *** Managed Hosting Only
File Sharing
Give your users the ability to upload files to a file sharing service of your choosing. *** Managed Hosting Only
Form Wizard
Create forms to post to external sites. Including a few internal options. *** Some functions unavailable to Non-Managed Hosting customers
Add Forum
Create a site forum for your users. *** Managed Hosting Only
Add a newsletter Subscription
Add a newsletter subscription to your site. *** Managed Hosting Only
PDF Generator
Create PDF's from site pages or content you provide.
Add Popular|Recent sections
Add a Popular & or most recent section to your site. *** Managed Hosting Only
Add a Site Notice
Add a site notice to the top of each of your site pages.
Add Site Search
Add a site search to your site menu. *** Managed Hosting Only
Site Stats
Get full site statistics about your site visitors. *** Managed Hosting Only
Add Skype Status
Add the ability for your users to see if you are currently online with Skype. *** Managed Hosting Only
Add the ability for your users to text you directly from your site. *** Managed Hosting Only
Add Storefront
Add a store and cart to your site. Including product layouts and pricing variables. *** Managed Hosting Only
Add Testimonial section
Add a testimonial section to any of your pages. *** Managed Hosting Only
Add User Login | Registration
Create a user login and registration area for your site users. *** Managed Hosting Only
Add User Panel
Create a private area for your users. Requires user login and registration add-on above. *** Managed Hosting Only
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