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What is web hosting?
Web Hosting is an area on a server that holds the storage of site files required by your website. It also holds an environment that allows people to view your site online. Of course this is the simplest answer. There is much more that goes on under the hood.
Do I need technical knowledge to use web hosting?
Not with our Managed Hosting. We manage all aspects of the hosting environment to ensure that everything is running smoothly, secure and has the latest updates. The Site Editor's use allows you to make your changes without the fear of breaking your site. We also offer professional updates when you need them.
Do I need to host with WebExpressPortal to use the Site Editor?
No. You can host your site with any hosting provider. However, there are some tools that are not available for non-hosted customers. It isn't possible to support these tools on an external hosted environment.
If you wish to learn what is available to you for the standalone Site Editor, please go to
What do I get with web hosting?
You get a Site Editor to maintain your website. With the Site Editor, you can add, edit and remove pages. As well as an assortment of tools to add various functions to your site.
A free SSL Certificate, which can be used for one domain or up to 100 domains. Each domain must be registered or transferred using WebExpressPortal's domain registration service in order to provide this free SSL Certificate.
The hosting environment is also housed within an environment that holds a Gigabit Ethernet pipe. Which means, that your website will be fast!
Is your support 24x7?
Yes. Our 24 hour support is geared for emergency services. General customer service may require a call back, though it is usually within an hour or two.
How long does it take to set up a new account?
Registering for an account is immediate.
If using our managed hosting; time will be required to setup the hosted environment for the domain. Which requires registration or transferring of the domain.
Can I have additional domain names pointed at my account?
Yes. You can have up to 100 domains, if you are a managed hosting customer.
SSL Certificates:
SSL Certificates allow for data to be encrypted during transit. All WebExpressPortal's hosting accounts use the HTTPS protocol. Which means that each account has a SSL certificate. We offer the SSL certificate for free and also allow up to 100 domains to be attached to the SSL certificate. Each domain that is added to the certificate must be registered/transferred using WebExpressPortal registration services. As we manage the DNS and SSL updates required to keep the SSL current.
Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
Professional website development/design: We offer a full refund minus any per hourly charges used to facilitate our service offering to you. Should there be a setup fee or any other external fees pertaining to your account, then these fees will also be subtracted from your refund. A full accounting will be available should you request a refund. If a project is completed, then it isn't possible to grant a refund. Due to the hours used to complete the project.
Web Hosting: We do not offer web hosting refunds. Best option is to cancel your account. If you have domains attached to the account, you may ask for the transfer keys in order to transfer them to a different DNS provider.
What payment methods do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
How secure are your servers?
We take security seriously. As such, we continuously update all software as soon as an update is available. Firewalls are also updated to reflect new threats.
Will my account be backed up?
You can back-up your website at anytime. The backup serves as a means to switch back to a working copy of your website. So should you make a mistake you can simply roll back to the previous running copy.
Do you offer 'unlimited space'?
NO. Many hosts make that claim, which in reality is a marketing gimmick.
We don't have any disk usage limitations in place. We do however check to make sure no one site is using all the servers available resources. To date, this has never occurred. Though, in order to provide the upmost in quality, we would create a solution for those that require more server resources in order to not disrupt other sites.
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